The Investment Foundations Program is now being offered fully free of charge. We will redirect you to the information page for more details. If you are not redirected, please click here.

Society Vouchers: A New Opportunity

CFA Institute is offering every CFA Society up to five (5) Investment Foundations® Program vouchers for FREE.

The CFA Institute Investment Foundations Program launched in 2013 and now has more than 15,000 certificate holders in 120 markets worldwide. Read the course of study for FREE.

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  • Help industry participants who could use a free program voucher
  • Build industry impact & program awareness
  • Develop society leader engagement and feedback
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  • Open to anyone the society selects; however
  • All conflicts of interest should be avoided or disclosed to CFA Institute
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  • Use the vouchers to create an impact on your market
  • Establish a contest or create your own voucher award process
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  • SIMPLE application form
  • Submit requests during FY2018
  • CFA Institute review/approval/delivery within one week
Investment Foundations Program

Voucher Request Form

We have created a pool of global scholarships for CFA Societies interested in awarding Investment Foundations Program scholarships. Please complete the form below to request up to five (5) scholarships for your society. REMINDER: Society staff are able to register for the Investment Foundations Program for FREE.

Thank you for helping us build a new investment industry standard! Contact [email protected] with questions.