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Start with a Quick Review

Consider your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you feel comfortable with the fundamentals. Give yourself a little extra study time if you think you need to brush up on the fundamentals.

Practice the Exam

Practice questions and mock exams help you prepare yourself for exam day. Time yourself as you take practice tests so that the pace becomes second nature. Plan to take a mock exam several times.

Get Serious About Scenarios

The Level II exam consists of scenarios and a total of 80 questions. You will be given 20 scenarios, each followed by four multiple choice questions. The scenarios and related questions comprise an item set. Successful candidates suggest reviewing the questions before reading the scenario. With three hours to complete your exam, that gives you nine minutes maximum per item set.

Apply Your Analytical Skills

This exam asks you to analyze situations and provide solutions based on all the knowledge you have accumulated. There are fewer questions on this exam, but you will be asked to think more deeply about them. Performance Appraisal and Manager Selection will be heavily featured.

Be Mindful of Time

Plan how much time you can give each item set and stick with it. If you are stumped by a question, move on to one you are more comfortable with and complete that one. You can go back to your skipped question later if you have time.