Ever wondered which are the most popular jobs for CFA charterholders?

We often hear that people embark on the CFA Program to move “from the sell-side to the buy-side” or “from analyst to PM”. But what do those roles mean? We sampled our members and categorized them into normalized job titles to show how charterholders breaks down by job title and responsibilities.

Here’s how to read the chart below:

Quadrants Professional roles are placed into quadrants, either in finance (the top row) or “corporate” jobs (the bottom row). And they are either “principals” (i.e. decision-makers, the left-hand column) or “advisors” (the right hand column). Example: A sell-side equity research analyst is in the top right quadrant because they are in finance in an advisory role.

Bubbles Each bubble represents a job role. Bubble size estimates the number of our members in each role. To read the definition of each role and the approximate number of charterholders who do this role, simply hover your mouse over the bubble.


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